The language and culture workshops aim at:

  1. Increasing knowledge about cultures and languages in the Caribbean [English, Spanish, Dutch and French]:
    • Participate in group activities
    • Discuss and compare cultures
    • participate in multicultural activities [native dance and cuisine]
  2.  Explore each culture represented and encourage interaction
    • Participate in activities to have a better understanding of diversity issues
    • Acknowledge and discuss important cultural events
    • Give opportunities for students to make cultural presentations in their own language

In addition to the workshops, the cultural program organizes activities

Sign up

To sign up for one of our cultural workshops, participants must register online for the specific program and pay the full program price online. There is no cancellation or refund once the program is paid for but we will assist with transferring a program transaction from one participant to another, however, the actual transaction will be the responsibility of the student.