Internship in Curacao!

Since 1999 we have been interacting with students worldwide on various interaction programs especially in the Caribbean, so if you are looking to gain internship experience in the Caribbean, let us know. We have an extensive network of individuals and organizations that would be happy to make your internship in Curacao a memorable one. We offer special services for students and prepare packages for universities as well as special discounts for group bookings. We also specialize in mentoring and helping groups and individual students integrate in their new environment. (orientation). Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss customized affordable internship and then refer you to the necessary organizations and individuals with the knowledge to make your internship a pleasant and valuable experience.
 Additional services, if required:
  • Airport pick up / drop off
  • Orientation/Social activities
  • Mentor
  • Additional education / training programs/language courses
  • Transport
 Internship in Curaçao - Living with a host family: (with meals or without meals)
This means you live with a family either in your own room or share with another room mate (but only if this request is made on your initial application together with the other applicant). This option is ideal if you want to practice the language, engage in cultural activities and of course cut down on living expenses. Living with a host family also means that there will be house rules. Rules may include various chores to perform, latest time you can come back home in the evening, use of the internet, use of the telephone, guest visits and smoking and drinking. Upon your arrival you will be given your set of keys and all this will all be explained to you.
Internship in Curacao -Students Shared Apartment
Shared apartments are usually shared by 2 to 4 flat mates each having their own room or sharing with another roommate. If you require a one or two bedroom apartment you must make that request on your application. One or two bedroom apartments/houses are normally more expensive than a 3 or 4 bedroom house. The bathroom and kitchen are always shared, living room with TV and washing machine are only provided in some apartments. Bed linen and essential cooking utensils are sometimes provided. Apartments/houses are simply furnished.  You will be living with other flat mates so please make arrangements with your other flat mates regarding the cleaning of the apartment. The houses and apartments are non-smoking. Upon your arrival you will be given your set of keys and the general house rules will be explained.