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Join us this  Summer (July and August 2014) in Maastricht, Netherlands, meet and interact with other people, embrace new cultures, learn a new languages, sign up for a course at Maastricht University, or just explore Europe!. These programs are open to high school students, university graduates, undergraduates, professionals and groups of people who like travelling and cultures.                                                                                      
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About Maastricht
Maastricht is a beautiful old city. It was the first Dutch city with medieval city rights, making it the oldest city in the Netherlands. It is the capital of the providence of Limburg and lies in the south-eastern corner of the Netherlands, practically bordering Belgium and Germany. It is home to just under 120,000 inhabitants. The rich city history is reflected in the many Roman-style buildings and squares, giving the city a sense of charm and tradition.
And for summer 2014 you can join the many participants and students who will explore and enjoy Maastricht; sightseeing, eating at exquisite restaurants, relaxing and drinking at one of the local cafes and of course, shopping and having fun.
In July and August 2014, (ICO) will introduce summer programs, activities, courses and excursions to many countries in Europe. Cultural programs and excursions are opened to high school students(age 15 and older), individuals and groups who want to explore and experience Europe’s diversity. Maastricht summer courses are open to university graduates, undergraduates, college attendees, professionals.
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