ICO Cultural Interaction and Students Exchange Programs  

Through our Cultural Exchange and Interaction programs , we have given many students, groups and individuals the opportunity to meet and interact with other people from different countries and of different cultures. We encourage cross-cultural understanding and interaction by sharing the rich multi-cultural traditions people all over the world.

We warmly invite you to join us in Maastricht, Netherlands this Summer 2014, where our cultural activities will take place. Meet, interact and embrace new cultures and learn new languages. Explore Europe, take advantage of our inexpensive accommodation and our unbelievable excursion packages, take a course at Maastricht University  and most importantly, build friendships that will last a lifetime.                                                                                       

 Register now for:

  • Caribbean excursions
  • European excursions
  • Summer courses at Maastricht University, 2014,
  • Language courses
  • cultural interaction programs
  For information on our cultural activities, excursions and courses, contact us: info@interculture-curacao.org