Interculture Organization [ICO]  is offering a unique and exciting opportunity for high school students, college and university students, or any group who is passionate about languages, cultures or travelling, to participate in one of our  language and cultural interaction programs in Curaçao.  This will immerse you in the lives and many cultures of Curaçao’s ethnic inhabitants and the languages and cultures of over 40 different nationalities, all contributing to a very diverse and cosmopolitan culture. We could not think of a more ideal location to host these cultural events and activities. Come and see why this tiny, undiscovered island, which lies just off the coast of Venezuela, measuring about 61 kilometers long and 14 kilometers wide, with under 140,000 inhabitants, is better known as the “Caribbean’s best kept secret”. Curacao was discovered in 1499 by the Spanish, conquered by the English, then again by the Spanish and finally it was claimed in 1634 by the Dutch. It was the centre of the Dutch slave trade which was abolished in 1863. Today it is a melting pot and a thriving tourist hot spot with close to 200 cruise ships making annual cruises and close to 240,000 tourists visit each year.   

The highlights of these language and culture immersion programs, workshops and activities: