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Are you moving to Curacao?


We know that relocating to anywhere can be a challenge but relocating to Curacao with its multicultural and multilingual environment could be a more complex task, if not impossible, but with ICO Relocating Services the move is not complicated at all, in fact, it is as easy as moving to the next city in your country. We will assist you with the transition, especially when it comes to setting up your business, visa/work permit, housing, schooling and cultural integration in the community. So, if you are planning to relocate to Curaςao for business, family or lifestyle reasons, let ICO help you make the transition, prepare you for all the adjustments, immerse you into the culture and even make it a pleasant experience. We work closely with dedicated and efficient relocation consultants in Curaςao who are able to manage the whole process or assist you in implementing the move.

Here are some of the essential services that we will assist you with;

House:  Assistance in deciding an appropriate neighborhood and ideal residence, present at house/apartment viewing. ICO Relocating Services also help with details such as signing the lease and inspecting the home, in addition we assist with arranging for utilities and phone and internet service.

School/childcare provider: Review school choices for children, from public schools to international schools. Assist and arrange for enrollment in the school of choice.

Our services include:

  • finding a house or an apartment (to rent or to buy)
  • arranging schools for your kids local or international                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
  • finding reliable maids and nannies
  • organizing healthcare insurance
  • courses in Papiamentu and Dutch 
  • culture immersion programs and activities

Documentation: we work with consultants who will arrange for necessary visas, work permits and other paperwork related to the move.

*  Banking: Services from experienced consultants will be offered on the country's banking and financial systems, and if necessary, assistance can be provided in setting up the appropriate bank accounts.

Cultural  Programs: Interculture Organization offers various cultural programs to assist with the transition, learn the local language and interact with the locals.

Custom Built Package: We are well aware that every individual/family has a different need/requirement, and we advise and encourage our clients to “tell us your individual needs” we will help you build the perfect home away from home.


For more information contact: cultural.activities@hotmail.com

Relocating Services

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