Home Stay 

Home stay is becoming more popular and is now being used worldwide by individuals, students, professionals or just groups who are interested in learning the culture of the country they are visiting and becoming involved in cultural activities and interactions.

A "home stay" is a cultural exchange in which a person visiting or temporarily staying in another country lives with a family in that country. Home stay does not only offer a place to stay but also gives the visitor an opportunity to experience the culture on a personal level and gain lifelong friendships.
So, if you plan to visit Curacao or Holland and you want to stay with or around the locals, just let us know. We will find a family or a home compatible to your needs.
See the country, meet the people and emerge in the culture:

Find accommodation among the locals (an apartment or a room)

  • Meet and interact with local people in their communities
  • Participate in cultural activities
So whatever your reasons are for traveling, let Interculture Organization (ICO) help you make your visit a memorable one.
 How to be a part of this:
Fill in the form and let us know what type of accommodation you are interested in, whether it is an entire house, a room, a couple of rooms in a house. Let us know the date that you plan to visit and your departure date. We will try to find an accommodation the matches your request and send you details as soon we have them.                                                                            
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